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Legend of AbhiManYu

Legend of AbhiManYu sur iOS (iPhone / iPad / Apple TV)

Développeur : ACY Entertainment
Ce jeu n'est plus disponible sur l'iTunes AppStore

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Disponible sur
iPad / iPhone / Apple TV
Version du jeu
910.62 Mo
Date de sortie
Langues proposées
Allemand / Anglais / Espagnol / Français / Italien
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'The Great War : Day 13' FEATURES
* Variety in Game-play
'The Great War : Day 13' provides a unique combination of Hack 'n' Slash, beat'em up and on-chariot archery game-play. It has Archers, soldiers, dual sword soldiers, mace soldiers, spear soldiers, etc.

* Boss Battles
Embrace the power of thunder of Guru Drona, show your valor by facing the fire power of Karna, who draws energy from sun. Demonstrate the courage to wash out the immortal villain with water power and villain with power of deadly tornado's, quakes etc.

* Cinematic Look and Feel
'The Great War : Day 13' interleaves game-play with beautifully rendered story cut-scenes to provide a cinematic look and feel to the thrilling war environment.

* Device-Specific Features
iCloud saves support [requires a valid iCloud account]

The Great War : Day 13 : Experience being a legendary 16 year old warrior in 1st ever 3D Mobile Game based on the Ancient Indian Epic ?The Mahabhrata'. It is a battle game that is unlike any other you would have ever played. You'll have to fight alone against the greatest warriors of that era and enter the toughest war formation of multi levels with the aim to break these levels one by one and save the day; a day which even God was also anxious to get over. This extremely thrilling single player action adventure game will give you an actual feel of being in the middle of battle ground with a lot of war adventures against powerful villains and demigods.

Have more fun and thrills by breaking into the challenging puzzles and strategy based war formations e.g. Trident formation, Circular formation, Wing formation, Wave formation, Wheel formation, Octopus formation etc.

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Persian, and Arabic.


Le jeu iOS (iPhone / iPad / Apple TV) Legend of AbhiManYu a été développé par ACY Entertainment.

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Test iOS (iPhone / iPad / Apple TV) Legend of AbhiManYu

Legend of AbhiManYu

Le 08 mai 2017 - Par Olivier

Combat sur char et légende de Mahabharata !

Lire le test sur Test Android Legend of AbhiManYu non disponibleTest iPhone / iPad / Apple TV de Legend of AbhiManYu

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